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More than 200,000 reports of domestic violence occur in California each year. Domestic violence is a serious issue and also plays a critical role in the outcome of a divorce. However, trust that our firm has the necessary experience to handle your domestic violence case. In fact, Attorney Steven B. Chroman is on the Board of Directors of the Santa Clarita Valley Domestic Violence Center. Our firm will obtain and thoroughly examine police records, hospital reports, paramedic records, and court documents to fully understand the nature of the abuse and to analyze its overall effect on the divorce process. Whether you seek to obtain a restraining order or have false allegations against you impacting your divorce, the Law Offices of Steven B. Chroman, P.C. can help.

Domestic Violence Laws

An important area of family law in California is domestic violence, which refers to domestic abuse against family or household members, particularly intentional or reckless acts or attempts to cause bodily injury. Domestic violence offenses include child abuse and child neglect, spousal abuse or domestic-partner abuse, and elder abuse. Note that domestic abuse isn’t just physical; it also covers threats, emotional abuse, harassment, and stalking. 

Our legal team has handled numerous different angles of domestic violence in family cases, including domestic partners seeking legal protection against an abusive partner and, conversely, false allegations of domestic violence made to gain an upper hand in a divorce dispute. Trust that we will provide honest and trustworthy representation in either situation you are facing; we will help you aggressively fight for a restraining order to protect you and your children, and we are also fully prepared to defend you against a false claim of domestic violence harming your right to see your child following divorce.

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Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Individuals who fear domestic violence or harm from a domestic partner (spouse, parent, sibling, in-law, etc.) have the right to petition for a restraining order. Generally, restraining orders can be: 

  • Personal conduct orders – prohibits specific acts against the petitioner, such as contacting them, stalking them, disturbing their piece, or reaching out to them in any physical or digital way
  • Stay-away orders – keeps a named person at a certain distance away from where the petitioner lives, where they work, their children’s schools, and important places they go to 
  • Residence exclusion order – orders the restrained person to move out from where the petitioner lives until the court hearing

Restraining orders are enforced by penalties involving jail time and fines.

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Allegations of domestic violence can dramatically affect almost any issue associated with a divorce. From child custody to spousal support, the courts tend to favor the interests of the abused spouse over the abuser. As a result, it is important that you have an experienced attorney by your side to ensure everything runs smoothly in a divorce that involves domestic violence. Attorney Steven B. Chroman can help you obtain a restraining order and protect you and your child from your abuser, or, conversely, Attorney Chroman can prove that the domestic violence allegations against you are false and were made for the purposes of gaining an upper hand in the divorce. 

Whatever your situation is involving domestic violence, the Law Offices of Steven B. Chroman, P.C. can help you. Call (661) 228-6072 or contact us online today.



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