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At the Law Offices of Steven B. Chroman, P.C., we take a two-prong approach to our legal practice that involves: (1) educating parents on the legal system pertaining to their situation, and (2) representing parents in negotiation and litigation. We will equip you with the legal understanding to navigate your child support negotiations and ensure you are putting your needs and interests at the forefront of your discussions. Whether you seek to estimate a child support payment amount or modify an existing order, we can help you.

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Calculating Child Support

Child support orders usually last until the child turns 18 years old or 19 years old if they are still a full-time high school student. California determines the child support amount based on an income-based guidelines. More specifically, to determine the amount of child support, the court will look at:

  • how much money the parents earn or have the ability to earn;
  • how much other income each parent receives (e.g., alimony or unemployment benefits);
  • how many children the parents have together;
  • how much time each parent spends with their children;
  • each parent’s tax filing status;
  • whether the parent supports any children from other relationships;
  • health insurance expenses;
  • Mandatory union dues;
  • mandatory retirement contributions;
  • the cost of sharing daycare and uninsured health-care costs; and
  • other relevant factors.

Note that the amount of child support a parent is ordered to pay usually decreases as time-share increases.

A support order may also require the parents to share the costs for certain things like traveling between the parents, childcare to allow for the custodial parent to obtain work or educational skills for employment, and reasonable healthcare expenses.

Keep in mind that while the guidelines above may determine the support amount, parents can also agree to a different amount of child support as long as the court approves that the child’s needs are met. Our team at the Law Offices of Steven B. Chroman, P.C. can help you calculate a guideline child support order. 

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Modifying an Existing Order

Naturally, your child may grow older and exhibit changing needs, as may the parents. A parent has the right to request a modification to their existing child support order if either has experienced a significant change in their income or the amount of time they spend with the child.

Note that the support amount may increase or decrease, and it is only up to the court to decide based on the aforementioned income factors and the child’s best interests. As a result, if you are concerned about whether your request for modification may increase your support requirement, it is best to consult an experienced child support attorney to help you estimate the potential outcome beforehand.

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